Store FAQ
Sunsetting Stand Reselling
June 8th 2024
I've made the decision to step down as an official Stand reseller for the time being.
VPS Migration Complete
May 16th 2024
The VPS hosting is now live. 2 new payment methods (Swish and MobilePay) will be coming shortly, along with an automatic key delivery system for the Stand menu.
Downtime Update
April 7th 2024
Between the 4th and 7th of april, I had no access to the webhosting's control panel due to issues with their cPanel license. This prevented me from being able to make changes to the website, and I had no access to the support inbox, so all products were put on hold.

The service is functional for the time being, so everything is available for sale once again. I've uploaded an overhauled version of the store page, and the prices of Discord boosts have greatly decreased.

Because of this downtime, I've started working on getting the site hosted on a proper VPS. I will post another update once the migration is complete.
XMR Is Now Accepted
March 28th 2024
Monero is now available as a payment method on the Store.
PayPal Locked
March 26th 2024
As per usual, PayPal has to prove that they are one of the worst ways to accept payments from customers. Today they've decided to lock my account and to demand proof of fulfilment for multiple orders that were made in the past, and I am unable to provide it due to the products that are sold on the Store. It doesn't matter whether I provide proof or not, my PayPal account is already doomed. Providing the proof would only speed up the process of getting banned, as it would show them that I sell products which might infringe copyright of other companies.

In the end, I don't think that losing PayPal is a big deal, as most people use it simply to not have to provide their debit card information. Unlike PayPal, Stripe is secure for both the seller and the customer. PayPal never did and probably never will provide decent fraud protection, so there is more risk than reward involved with using it. PayPal is not coming back to the store. If you, the reader, use PayPal for making purchases, I'd recommend checking if your bank allows you to create virtual Visa/Mastercard cards, there is 0 risk involved with using those on the internet, and you wouldn't have to rely on PayPal to keep your real card secure.