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How can I contact support?
Our support email is [email protected]. At the moment, email is the only method of communication that we use.
How can I trust you?
Click here to see our reviews page. If the large amount of "Automatic feedback" reviews concerns you, then let me explain: The platform that this website uses for processing orders ( will automatically give a 5 star rating for orders after a week. This feature exists simply because most customers do not go out of their way to leave reviews after their purchase goes through successfully, they will only bother to leave a review if they had a negative experience.
Will I get banned on GTA?
Most likely not. We use a private money method and a menu with a proper anticheat bypass for all our modding, making the ban risk non-existent. After buying a service for GTAV Online, you don't have to take any precautions. The only thing that could influence the ban risk is using a poorly made mod menu on your account.
What payment methods do you support?
You can see all the supported payment methods after clicking "View" on any product.
Why can't I see Apple Pay?
A button for Apple Pay should appear in the Stripe gateway when the conditions are met. Please make sure that you are making the purchase on an iOS device that supports Apple Pay, and that the browser you're using also supports it. Try using Safari if you are not sure that your current browser supports Apple Pay. If you can't get Apple Pay to show up, check if your iOS and Safari are up to date. If updating your device doesn't work, make sure that you have your Debit/Credit Card attached to your Apple Wallet. If none of these steps work, you will have to use another payment method.
Why don't you support Coinbase Commerce?
Coinbase Commerce has moved on from the "send your crypto to this address" way of accepting payments. To pay through Coinbase Commerce you would need need either a personal Coinbase account, the MetaMask wallet, or one of the custodial wallets that they support. For example, this change makes it impossible for you to pay with your software wallet like Electrum. We don't approve of this change, so Coinbase Commerce has been removed as a payment option indefinitely, and it will be getting replaced as soon as possible.
Can I get a refund?
You are absolutely eligible for a refund/return of your payment before your product is delivered. All payments become non-refundable after you have received your goods.
Why do you need my GTA account credentials?
We simply have to log into your GTA account to be able to give you the large amounts of money that we offer. There still are methods for giving money in a session, although that doesn't change the fact that us logging into your account is still a million times more efficient, and it lets us give you all unlocks. Giving you 100 mil while logged in takes less than 30 minutes, doing the same without logging in would take an entire day. If you didn't know already, money drops have been patched since 2020. If you don't want to provide your account credentials, you can purchase a modded account instead.
What are modded accounts?
Modded accounts are GTAV Online accounts that come pre-applied with money, unlocks, and a rank. Having a modded account doesn't give you modder powers, like some people may think. Obviously these accounts also include a valid copy of GTAV, we wouldn't be able to add the money to them otherwise.
Do you sell modded accounts?
Obviously we do, you can find them right below all the offers for GTA$. When buying a modded account from us, you can choose the name and the rank that the account will have, and you can choose if you want a male or female character. Once your account is ready, you receive the details for it through email, and you can log in right away to enjoy being rich. All our accounts are for the Rockstar Launcher, not Steam or Epic Games. If you've downloaded GTAV from either Steam or Epic Games, it will prevent you from launching the game on your brand new modded account. As a solution, you could use this tool (click to open) to allow the game to be downloaded and launched from the Rockstar Launcher. This tool also allows you to create a merged install of GTAV, letting you use all of your copies of GTAV without having to install the game multiple times. If you want a quick solution, you could simply uninstall GTAV from Steam/Epic Games, which would unlock the Rockstar Launcher, although it is not recommended.
Can I get cars that were removed?
Absolutely! Before you purchase, make yourself a list of the cars that you would like to get (try to not make it very long), and email it to our support email. Once we've accessed your account, the cars from the list will be added to your garage(s). Please keep in mind that you will have to buy full coverage for these cars, they don't come with insurance.
Is my personal information safe?
Yes. Your GTA account credentials are stored securely by our storefront provider, and no third party has access to them. If you have any concerns about the safety of your account, you can always reset your password after you have received your order. For card payments we use Stripe, which is the same provider that Discord uses for all their card payments. All Stripe payments are encrypted, and out of all your card information, we only receive the last 4 digits of the 16 digit BIN, for security reasons. Stripe ensures that your card cannot be stolen, you don't have to worry at all.
Why did my card get declined?
We automatically block card payments that appear to be fraud. If your card gets declined, make sure that these 3 things are correct: all the required information is correct, you are not connected to any VPN, and you are not using a temporary email address. If your payment is still failing, you can send us an email and we will find a solution.